PickMyRide is a Designated Driver App. We connect vechile owners to the closest driver in the area.

How do I download the app?
PickMyRide app is conveniently available to download from Apple Store and Google Play. You can also follow the link on our website to download the app.

Who is the designated driver?
Our designated drivers are vetted before they are eligible to work for us and drive your car. Your vechicle will be driven by a professional driver qualified to drive for Taxi, Hire Car and ridesharing services.

How long the driver takes to get to me?
You can track the driver moving towards you as soon as they accept the job via the app. PickMyRide app also shows you driver location and estimated time of arrival. We usually expect the driver to be with you within an hour.

Can I drop family and friends on my way?
Yes, you can choose the route with stopovers to drop family and friend. Just let the driver know once they arrive if there are any stopovers while driving. Waiting time cost may apply.

What if the driver receives fine when driving?
Driver is liable for all the fines, which is issued while driving your car. We make a log of time and date when the job starts and ends.

How do I pay for the trip?

We accept Visa, MasterCard (Credit or Debit). We have an inbuilt fare calculator, which calculates and deducts your card at the end of the trip. To see all past journeys & fare charged, check the Bookings section in Pick My Ride app.

How much does the trip cost?
Our fare starts from $79 (incl. GST), which usually covers up to 15 km of the journey. Use inbuilt fare calculator in our app to get approx. fare, in most cases we are cheaper than return Taxi fare plus you save cost on parking by not leaving your car behind.

What happen in case of cancellation?
You can cancel the trip after booking within the first 5 minutes with no charge, after 5 minutes of booking there will be $60 cancellation fees. We show confirm cancellation screen on app when the booking is cancelled after 5 min of requesting a driver.

Can I call and book the service?
Unfortunately, we are app only service at the moment.

How does insurance work?
If there is an accident where PickMyRide driver is at fault - we will pay up to $1000 towards your insurance excess. We also carry a public liability insurance of up to 10 million dollars. Please review Terms & Conditions for details on the insurance.