A bit drunk to drive home?


PickMyRide Team
09 June 2016

Most of us enjoy having a few drinks with friends, but when things get a little out of hand or you’re enjoying it a little too much, how many times have you asked yourself this million-dollar question:

“How do I get both my car and myself home safely?”

I’m excited to answer that question and reveal a newcomer to the Australian market.That newcomer is PickMyRide, Australia’s first on demand designated driver app, available for both Android and iOS devices. The PickMyRide app works by connecting customers to a fleet of pre-screened designated drivers who will take customer and their vehicle home safely.

An old story that never changes

Since the days that I can remember, one thing certainly hasn’t changed for me with the following scenario playing out most, if not all of the time.

A few drinks with friends, feeling too tipsy or drunk to drive back home so I decide to leave my car behind. Of course this isn’t a bad thing, but next day comes around and you still may have a challenge. How many times have you returned to the previous night’s location only to pick up your car in a train, taxi, bus or whatever other means that may be available? All that hassle just for a couple of extra drinks? Ok, maybe more than a couple sometimes.

The fact of the matter is that every year over 100,000 people are caught behind the wheel of their car, either under the influence of drugs or alcohol, with many involved in major accidents if not fatalities.

The recent government advertising campaign ‘What’s your Plan B?’ focused on spreading key messages around alerting drivers to all the options they have to get home if they decide to drink, reminding them of their choices and that Random Breath Testing can happen at any time.

A ‘Plan B’ with a difference?

Why do people take such risks when there are so many options such as ‘Plan B’ available in the market?

We’ve launched PickMyRide with one goal in mind: to end drunken driving once and for all, provide convenience for customers who have their cars with them but can’t drive them home.

The PickMyRide on demand designated driver service, is a great option for Plan B providing a convenient way for people to get home safely after a night out. They can now put their minds at ease knowing they will get their own self and their car home safely after a big night out.

We were motivated to create a service that fills the need that taxis and other ride-sharing services cannot fill and that is getting the customers car home. That’s the big difference here - and we know it’s going to make a big difference in people’s lives if we can get them home safely with Option B!

You can check out how the PickMyRide app works – visit our website at www.pickmyride.com.au or download the app here for iPhone and Andriod